Boris Johnson during a visit to the Acropolis in 2012 – The Guardian

In his interview with Greek daily Ta Nea on March 12, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson claimed that:
“the UK government has a firm longstanding position on the sculptures which is that they were legally acquired by Lord Elgin under the appropriate laws of the time and have been legally owned by the British Museum’s Trustees since their acquisition.”
[in the photo, Boris Johnson poses especially for “TA NEA” leaning on the bust of Pericles which adorns his office in the House of Commons.]

However, a quick response on the same day, the Greek Culture Minister Lina Mendoni firmly challenged PM Boris Johnson’s statement. Mendoni said in an open letter:

“Upon careful review of the statements made by UK Prime Minister Mr Boris Johnson, it is clear that he has not been properly informed by the competent state services of his country of the new historical data regarding Greece’s occupation by the Ottomans that show that there was never a legitimate acquisition of the Parthenon sculptures by Lord Elgin and, therefore, neither has the British Museum ever acquired the Sculptures in a legitimate manner.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports can provide the necessary documentary evidence that can inform the British people how the British Museum possesses the sculptures illegally. For Greece, the British Museum does not have legitimate ownership or possession of the sculptures.”

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