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Staged protest in British Museum by Sonia Theodoridou, for the return of Parthenon Marbles

Six Greek women dressed in white togas launched an original protest to draw attention to a Greek issue: the return of Acropolis Marbles to Greece. The group under the lead of renowned soprano Sonia Theodoridou wandered through the corridors and halls of the British Museum in London in search of their “lost sister” – the sculpture of a Caryatid. (Translation Sonia’s fb post)

The eerie silence that surrounded us we entered the museum will remain forever in my mind. The thousands of people who stood there, they were watching in awe making way for us, to walk through. Everyone was in complete silence. The only think one could hear was the “click-click” sound of photographers. And the guards, who at first tried to stop us, then stepped aside and accompanied us throughout the duration of our stay in the museum; some even were saying to Theodore that they are “for” the return of the sculptures to Greece. YESTERDAY, HISTORY WAS MADE. Today, we are waiting all of our friends of London, at St. Sophia in Bayswater at 13.00

Source: iefimerida | KeepTalkingGreece | Sonia Theodoridou, facebook



An extremely important quest that began many years ago, by the remarkable and unforgettable Melina Merkouri and the continuous growing list of world wide personalities together with high level officials, people of the Arts and
Scolars have all embraced the idea that the Greek Marbles must be returned to
their place of origin: the Parthenon.
This for many is not a dream or a is a life’s commitment. The marbles
need to be returned to their birthplace and take up their position in the Archaeological Museum of Athens.
The internationally renowned Soprano Sonia Theodoridou together with her distinguished husband, Maestro Theodore Orphanides,
both of whom have established a cultural movement known as the ” Beautiful People ”, in an effort to alert the public have taken the initiative to present a unique performance / protest. This event will be directed by Elda Panopoulou, and music by Pantelis Pavlidis.
The event will take place at the pavilion of Saint Sophias’ Greek Orthodox Church,
located at Moscow Road, Bayswater, London, W2 4LQ on Sunday, ( on Pentacost ) June 8th , 2014 following the Sunday service at 1.00 p.m.
Could the Karyatides call their lonely sister to return home ?? Will the British
eventually see and understand that The Parthenon marbles were stolen and therefore need to be returned where they belong ??
Our target, through this very special performance is to awaken the consciousness and speak to the hearts of the people who are aware of such cultural crimes and which need to cease so that such injustices eventually stop.
We need your support for our country !
We need you next to us in this battle for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece ! We owe it as Greeks to our great history !
Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday, 8th of June at 1.00 pm at Saint Sophia’s Church.
For further information please contact Ms. Mary Avgerinopoulou at

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