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This is a project about the WW-II German reparations to Greece – collect signatures and raise awareness. Project is organized and sponsored by:

Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC) www.Greece.org
and its

We request the German government to honor its long-overdue obligations to Greece by repaying the forcibly obtained WW-II occupation loan, and by paying war reparations proportional to the material damages, atrocities and plundering committed by the German war machinery (Petition).

This petition with the signatures, will be submitted to the German government, the Greek government and parliament, the European parliament, and others.

  • Project Name: WW-II German Reparations to Greece
  • Sponsor(s): Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC) www.greece.org
  • Leader: Costas Tzanos
  • Technical, Design, WebSite Admin: Thanos Voudouris
  • Project proposed by: Vassiliki Aroniadou-Anderjaska
  • Contributing Members: Costas Tzanos, George Blytas, Thanos Voudouris, Stavros Anagnostopoulos, Stavroula Pantazopoulou

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