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(use toolbar to return to English original) Dame Janet Suzman, chair of the British Committee for the Reunification of the Parthenon marbles and actress in an article on Saturday to Nea newspaper answers to the director of the British Museum. “I am neither an intellect nor an academic. My position in the committee is of […]

The Central Archaeological Council (CAC) has recalled the permit for the 9-story building that hides the view of the Acropolis, after the outbursts of the citizens. Initially, the CAC had given permission for the erection of the building back in September 2018. However, according to the suggestion of the Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities Directorate, it […]

by Universidade De Santiago De Compostela – Technological Research Institute. A 9 minute video worth watching.

Builders have completed another stage of restoration of the Acropolis in Athens with the removal of scaffolding from the temple of Athena Nike, the head of renovation efforts said Friday. More…

   In 1799 Lord Elgin was appointed ambassador of Great Britain to the Sublime Porte at Constantinople. In 1800 he dispatched a team of artists to Athens, which then formed part of the Ottoman Empire. They were charged initially with drawing the monuments and making casts to adorn the lord’s country house in Scotland. At […]

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